Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chocolate Desserts

I woke up super duper early for the first class. Considering the fact that I usually sleep late and wake up quite late, waking up early is such an achievement! The hotel has free shuttle to my 'school' - so I'm taking full advantage though it is only for Mondays - Fridays only. It's not too far actually but oh well... It's been 5 years since I stop studying. So, attending a 10-day course to me is as though I'm going back to school! :P

Upon arriving, Chef Jean & Chef Bruno was already there to greet us. Chef Jean's board of what we will be doing is all up and ready. It's so good to be back! There's only 3 of us. The other 2 are from Pangkor Laut Resort (my favourite hideaway) n Glenmarie Holiday Inn KL.

We started by making almond dacquoise biscuit and piping them into silicon moulds

The we caramelised the nuts (or as chef Jean would call - Fruits). It smells & tastes so good! We are making our own Praline (pronounced as pra-li-ne). The following pics are not in proper order as to the real scenario (doesnt really matter also right?) The class for Chocolate Desserts is for 2 days. So, please bare in mind that all this happens within 2 days ok? It'd be impossible to finish them in 1 day!

Melting of couverture chocolate with hand gun. I have to mention about the type of chocolate they use at French Culinary - it makes a world of difference to the meaning of choc-o-late. They use Valrhona and the taste of the chocolate is to die for! It's among the world's best and of course the price is amazing too! And I don't think I can find them in Penang!

Roasted chestnut chopped finely

Star Anise - for flavoring

Almond shortcrust dough - Before & after baking

Then we added in almond cream and bake it again... [the result looks as though it is the crust itself yea... :P] This is to make "caroline tart"

Then we make patachou (choux in short - pronounced as 'shoe') or more known as cream puffs! It is coated wth a generous layer of crushed almonds and into the oven it goes :)

After baking, this is how it looks like

We add praline cream inside the choux and voila! It's ready to be used...

The tart with almond cream we did earlier, we now coat it with a layer of ganache

Then, we stick the choux on top of it. To finish it, we dust a coat of icing sugar

And finally, we pipe very thin layers of ganache as decor! Very pretty!


This looks similar but it's not! It has chocolate shortcrust as the tart, almond cream with fruits and this is to make "chocolate chiboust tart"

Then we coat the tart with a layer of cocoa glazing using a thick brush

Using the same glazing, we coat out chocolate chiboust as well. Chiboust is basically pastry cream with italian meringue. And since this is chocolate, we add in chocolate!

Then we add in on top of the tart... looks yummy eh!?


Now, to make "crispy chocolate tart" - the tart, we use back chocolate shortcrust

Then we add in creamy chocolate and a piece of delicious crispy praline! We'll cover it with another layer of creamy chocolate the freeze before we coat it :)

Then we glaze it with a shining layer of cocoa glazing!


Now we make the "noisettines" (pronounced nua-se-tin). We start by making fresh orange marmalade. First, we cut the orange into cubes. We have to boil the whole orange for about an hour before cutting. This is to soften it first.

Then we cook it with sugar till it thickens like jam

We spread the marmalade jam we made to the orange & choc moelleux biscuit which we baked already [note: some pictures i don't have time to take coz i'm making them - there's always so much to do and Chef Jean wants to work fast at all times! *grin*]

Then we cut the moelleux to the size we want

In the cast rings, we pipe in the hazelnut chocolate mousse then we push inside the orange & chocolate moelleux. Then we freeze :)

This is exactly the same, only a bigger ring mould :)


Another recipe. This one is "Chocolate Raspberry Tart". Bake the tart using almond dough tart. Then we put a layer of ganache.

Then we add in the raspberry coulis we prepared and freezed. Pipe around the tart chocolate pastry cream.


The making of "chocolate tuile" as a part of the decor. We can do any designs that we like. Using a plastic, cut out the mould. Add in a layer of the chocolate tuile on a baking mat..

Then we bake it. Once it comes out, shape it immediately and it will harden when cold


"Chocolate Spices Macaroon".... I'm still not a fan of macaroons though it's so pretty. Too sweet for me but it is a very popular dessert nowadays.

Before & after baking of the macaroons...

Inside the macaroon, we pipe a layer of ganache with spices. And presto, it's done!


Hot Chocolate Souffles - sinfully yummy! First, before baking, we coat it with a layer of butter & sugar..

We caramelise bananas & mangos with sugar to be used as fillings for the souffle

Step by step - first we add the souffle, then the caramelised fruits & topped with souffle. Level with spatula and clean the sides with clean hands

And this is when magic happens.... pretty souffles are born! Dig in and indulge immediately!


"Chestnut Chocolate Cake" - First we prepare the chestnut cream. Chill after baking. Then we dip it with cocoa butter mixed with chocolate. Need to work fast so that the cocoa butter & chocolate mixture hardens around the cream.

Mounting of the cake - we add in milk chocolate mousse, a chocolate biscuit and then we cover it with the chestnut cream as the bottom. Then we freeze it.

After freezing, we coat it with a layer of caramel glazing


Our Chocolate Desserts Creation

[note: some are featured & some are not cause some, I did not have the time to take pics!]

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Chocolate Succes - succes is the biscuit, and the cake is chocolate sabayon

Chocolate Chiboust Tart

Chocolate Soft Cake

Chocolate Spices Macaroon


Chestnut Chocolate Cake

Crispy Chocolate Tart

Bitter Choc Slice & Croustillant Crepe

Chocolate Banana Lime Croustillant


The end of my chocolate desserts! Look out for more....

Note: I will still be focusing on novelty cupcakes & mini cakes

[I'm just sharing my experience with all of you]

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