Sunday, May 4, 2008

No 5. My Grandma!

My grandma... once a very patient, kind, easy going, a great listener & the best cook... Now, with age catching up, she's becoming rather frail & her alzheimer's has changed her quite a bit. Looking at how much she's changed always make me feel very sad. But to me... she'll always be the perfect grandma. Or at least, that is how I choose to remember her no matter how much she's changed. Therefore.. for her birthday... though I was really busy... I still pushed myself to do it - and i'm glad I did!

My no.1 ah-mah!

What better way to show love than using heart cuppies!

All together..... :)

New shape & design of cupcakes

My grandma with the cuppies @ Hai Boey seafood

Grandma surrounded by her big family!

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