Monday, October 25, 2010

Cupcake Theater - Halloween Edition

Fog rises from the graveyard.
A full moon casts shadows across the barren ground.
A lone wolf howls in the distance. (A-wooooooo!)
Terrifying, isn't it?

From the shadows emerges a horrifying sight.
Two huge eyes glow in the dim light. (shudder!)

Suddenly, two more ghouls appear...

Then more!
 The attack of the dreaded String Monsters has begun.  Ahhhhh!

But wait!  They have joined forces with an even more frightening enemy- the Fur Balls. 
(What's next?  Dust Bunnies??) 

Just looking at these guys makes my hair stand on end.

Closer and closer the evil ones approach.  (cue the demonic organ music...)

They are so close, I can smell their breath (raspberry, actually, and not that bad - but I digress)...
more howling, more organ music.........

Who can save us?

(insert gory battle scene here:  blood, guts, buttercream - oh, the horror!)

Sweet victory!  Bwhaaa haa haa haa haa!  Happy Halloween!

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