Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Favorite Things

This red velvet cake helped celebrate all the favorites for one lucky birthday girl last weekend.  She was channeling her "inner Oprah" and designed a party that highlighted all the things she loves.  They started by eating barbeque and fries at The Pit in downtown Raleigh.

My version was made of toasted shredded coconut on a cupcake "bun."  The fries are pound cake.  I was so pleased with the way these turned out.  It made me want a pulled pork sandwich!

After lunch, the party moved to the mall for a little shopping.

Anyone for a trip to J.Crew?  This shopping bag won't hold much, but tastes way better than an ordinary paper bag because it's made of rice krispie treats. 

The party finished up at Sunset Slush for a little something cool and creamy to go with the cake.

My version was buttercream with a coating of sanding sugar to make it sparkle.

The last of Chaz's favorites was a pair of ballet slippers to represent her love of dance.  I heard she had a blast at her party.  Next year, I may have to borrow her idea for my own birthday!

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