Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Wilton: Cupcakes!

One of them fell over and got a little squished. Also, I took this picture on the roof of my car in the Michael's parking lot. In case you were wondering. ;)
In my effort to learn everything I possibly can about cake decorating and "the business," I'm still taking my Wilton beginner class. And this week's lesson was... cupcakes!

As well all I know, I do know how to ice a cupcake (I get paid to do it, after all), but this was still a fun and informative class.

For example, I learned how to make rosette's.. who knew they were so easy?! (Not me; I'd never even attempted them before!)

I also learned how to make "pompom" flowers and shaggy mums... certainly interesting little flowers, even if I've never seen their botanical counterparts before in my life.

And then of course, I had the opportunity to go a little crazy with my cupcake decorating. At work, it's just a little swirl, a little flourish, maybe some sprinkles or chocolate drizzle...nothing too 'out there' (which is fine, because those cupcakes are more about taste than customization). However, tonight I did all kinds of weird and crazy swirlies and flowers and designs...and I must say, they look cute! The color scheme I chose turned out nicely too. The blues and yellows complimented each other nicely.

So I'm not saying you should invest $60 (approx. cost of class and supplies) into this class...but if you happen to find yourself enrolled, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun, and isn't that what cake decorating should be all about? ;-)

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