Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ribbon Roses

Something Youtube was never able to teach me: Ribbon roses

I finished my cake decorating course!

And you know what? I did learn something from it.

I learned how to make roses.

And ok, not the 'traditional' buttercream roses that you see everywhere, and the kind that I've been trying to master for 4 or 5 years. But they're still roses none-the-less. And I still made them! :)

And yes, my co-workers did tease me a lot for spending money on the class. (Thank you, Mom & Dad!!!) And yes, they can (and have) teach me so much more about decorating (and the cool thing is that I get paid to learn it and I'm having fun and I work with amazing and talented people and I'm basically just living the dream right now...) I'm just trying to diversify my portfolio of skills, and sometimes you have to take a refresher course before you can learn the advanced stuff. I have a feeling I won't be so good at the fondant/gumpaste class I'm taking next.

So, overall, I'd say the Wilton class was fun. Kind of a pain to get all the icing and tips and everything ready before class. But once I was there, it was a good way to spend 2 hours a week.

Am I crazy for voluntarily decorating cakes after spending 40 hours a week doing that as my job? Probably.

But no one said following your passion would keep you sane. ;)

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