Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Little Model

So I've been working on my modeling skills ever since I attempted to make this pregnant lady who looked like she was having triplets. I just couldn't get her proportions right. I'm not gonna say she was fat, but.... yeah, ok, my first gumpaste model was fat. And the second one I did was just a head and a torso. She didn't even have arms or anything, since she was chillin in a bath tub (more about that cake later!!!), so this little lady (she needs a name! Anyone?) is figure attempt #3, and I'm getting better!!!

It helps that I found a mold at Michaels for $5 (with coupon). I do need to practice some more. Somehow her boobs turned out tiny (and when I attempted to make them more proportionate, they ended up huge instead. Oh, well...) and she's got these ginormous man hands and arms. Plus her feet were 2 different sizes. So that's what I've got to work on for my next piece.

Oh, and I've read from multiple sources now that figures are best modeled out of fondant (one website said Satin Ice was the best. I've only ever used Wilton & Fondarific so I couldn't tell you if that's true or not!) which would explain a lot, since my gumpaste always starts to wrinkle and crack before I'm done with it.

So for the next figure I make, I'm going to use fondant (probably mixed with a little gumpaste or some tylose powder), and I'm going to try to make her look like me, crazy pink/blue/purple hair and all! :)

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