Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to Make a Fondant Monkey

Since I havent posted in a while I thought I would make it up to my readers with a monkey tutorial.  The monkey is by far my most requested fondant animal to put on a cake.  Here's how I make the little rascal. 

Color your fondant two shades of brown - one light, one dark.  I used americolor gels and FondX brand fondant.  I also like to knead in a little tylose powder to my fondant to help it dry.  Shape fondant into a tear drop for the body and a round ball for the head.  Insert a toothpick to help keep it in place.

Affix the head onto the body with gum glue (I use a mixture of tylose powder and water).  Roll out a small piece of the lighter brown fondant and cut out a flower shape using a wilton flower cutter.  Remove 3 of the flower petals so you get the eye shape of the monkey.  Form the mouth/nose by making a moon shape out of the lighter brown fondant.  

 Glue down the face pieces with gum glue.

Using the end of a small paint brush and plastic stick create the mouth and nose holes. 

Using the end of your paintbrush mark two spots for her eyes.  Roll out two tiny white balls and glue into the spots.  Also add a tiny black dot for the pupil. 

Make two ear holes and shape two little tear drops for the ears.

Using the end of a paint brush hollow out the ears.

Roll out a thin piece of the lighter brown fondant and use a larger flower cutter (wilton brand) to create the belly of the monkey and glue into place.  I also added a little wisp of hair.

Roll out 4 sasuage shapes to create 2 arms and 2 legs.  I like to use my exacto knife to cut out fingers and toes.  Glue arms and legs onto her body.  And don't forget her long curly tail like I did!  :)

Voila!  She's a cutie!

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