Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cookie Creations

Tonight I am preparing for an exciting weekend. My aunt invited me to attend a charity event, and asked me to make a platter of cookies that will be auctioned off. Of course I accepted immediately! How exciting! I scoured my recipes to find the perfect treats for the event, and decided on five cookies that have similar ingredients. They either include spices (tis time for the holidays after all!) or almonds...or perhaps both. The cookies have a theme while being completely different in flavor: Chocolate Chunk and Cherry Cookies, Dutch Nutmeg Cookies, Spiced Almond Wafers, Banana Oatmeal Cookies, decorated Sugar Cookies, and to top it all off, we're throwing in some peanut brittle. I can't wait to make everything, see what the finished product looks like, and, most importantly, to see how they all taste! This will be the first time I make the majority of these cookies -- hopefully there will not be any major disasters. Tonight I made the Sugar Cookie batter, it's chilling in the fridge overnight so it'll be perfect in the morning. I have made these before, so I'll post pictures of last years' creations -- Cookies made by me, decorated by mom.

Last years' Jack-O-Lantern and Ghost

Bundled-up Snowmen

Will post pictures of the new cookies tomorrow!

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