Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the Wedding of Claire & Dan

Back in May was the wedding of my dear friend Claire & Dan :)
It was great to have them back in Malaysia.

Most of my high school friends are all far away...
from kl-singapore-hk-australia-US-london!

So for Claire's wedding, we managed to have a mini reunion!
Friends came back from all over :)

I had the honor to make their wedding cakes/cupcakes. They wanted a whimsical feel to it with creamy buttercream topped with sugar balls which they brought back from the states!

That's Dan who caught the best fish in the sea!


We customized cupcake wrappers for them to look similar to their wedding invite :)

Arranged them on a 7 tier & oh boy don't they look so grand?


Congratulations again Claire & Dan!
Hope to see you guys either in Penang or NY soon!


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