Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Katie's Birthday

For my sister Katie's 17th birthday, my mom threw her a surprise party. It was a fun party and I enjoyed helping out (meaning: I enjoyed taking Katie shopping to distract her while the party was set up) and making the birthday cupcakes as well.

Originally, I wanted to make a Dr. Who themed cake, but that will just have to wait until next year. The reason I didn't make it for the surprise party was because I had just gotten home for Spring Break the day before, and I only had one night to make it.

So obviously, I decided on cupcakes! They bake faster, cool faster, and I really think they can be decorated faster, although I did make all these little fondant decorations that took some time.

And it was definitely a little more challenging to make buttercream without my stand mixer. I haven't had to do that in forever!

But it was definitely worth it. Katie and her friends enjoyed the coffee-flavored cupcakes and the fondant flowers and butterflies matching perfectly with the party's garden/patio/coffee shop theme.

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