Saturday, April 30, 2011

Italian Cream Cake

For my roommate's (that would be Joy) dad's birthday, I made him an Italian Cream Cake, as per his request.

I've never actually tried Italian Cream Cake before, but I believe that I was missing out. It's quite the amazing cake.

Totally horrible for you, what with all the sugar and all, but there are walnuts (nuts are good for you, right?) and cream cheese (calcium? check!) and coconut (ummm, is coconut a fruit? Let's say that it is. Fruits are healthy) so it's not totally sinful.

What am I saying? It's so sinfully delicious. ;)

I suppose this is where the irony of being diabetic and a baker comes in.

I got the recipe on the Food Network's website, courtesy of Emril.

You should definitely consider making this yourself. Or building a time machine and going back in time so I can serve you a slice of the one I made. Because Lord knows I ate way too much of it myself. ;-)

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