Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to Make a Fondant Elephant

Hi guys! I've been working on the cutest cake this week with elephant toppers and thought I'd share how I made them. They turned out adorable. Here's how I did it:

First color your fondant (I use Americolor gel).  Knead in a little tylose powder to help it dry.  Then roll out a tear drop shape for the body and insert a toothpick for stability.  Roll out a log shape for the legs, cut them to the proper size with an exacto knife and glue them to the body using gum glue (a mixture of tylose powder and water).  Using a piping tip make little knee marks on her legs. 

For her head roll out a ball of fondant and pinch and pull it to form the nose.  If the face is sticky dip your fingers in powdered sugar so they don't stick to the fondant.  After you get a good nose shape, use a piping tip to mark a smile. Glue the head onto the body with gum glue.  Using a toothpick give the elephant nostrils and little lines on the top of her nose.

For her ears roll out blue and white fondant and using a wilton tip 10 cut out dots and glue onto the white fondant.  Next use two different size circle cutters and glue the circles together.  Trim off the edge with an exacto knife.  Scrunch up the trimmed side and you are ready to glue to the head.

Using the end of a paintbrush mark holes for the eyes.  Roll out the whites for the eyes and tiny black pupils.  Glue on with gum glue. To make the eyelashes roll out a skinny piece of black fondant and cut to size.  Glue down.

To make the toes cut out dots by using a wilton tip 10.  Cut the dots in half and glue to the elephants feet.  For the tail roll out a skinny log shape and give it a white tip. 

So easy, right?  Hope you have as much fun as I did! 

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